My 1st month Bring The Fresh Review

Hi there, I have never posted so many blog posts in such a short time before, plus being that i am normally a quiet person too. If you have been doing affiliate marketing for some time but not made any real money and you keep going after the next shiny object, then the first thing

He’s Back, and he has a friend, well sort of friend, more of a friend of a friend.

I know where you will be on 30th November 2012. We all know him as the man with a “head like a fucking orange!”. and comes out with gems like: “I have learnt that my brain isn’t as interested in stuff as I am” “I saw a cockroach playing ‘Pacman’” “(Anteaters) can move their tongue

My SEO PowerSuite Review

As you know I like to get involved with SEO with my sites (although I am looking at other traffic sources now, not to have all my eggs in one basket so to speak). If your in the SEO game you would have come across a number of tools to help you increase your ranking, mostly submitting

I’m going to be lost after Sunday 12th August

These past 2 weeks I wish I could have just sat in front of the TV from the first Olympic event to the last. I think there is going to be a morning period after Sunday when the Olympics come to a close, I’m hoping that the closing ceremony will be as good as the

Britain Truly Rules The Waves

Just watching the Olympics today and we just keep winning the rowing, AMAZING! And the cycling, just dominated the track. Its a shame that footballers get paid all that money but just don’t seem to have the professionalism to perform at an Olympic level. And learning about the Secret Squirrel project behind the British Cycling,

Why I Killed Magic Submitter

30/01/2013 UPDATE: I AM BACK USING MAGIC SUBMITTER!!!! I am back using this tool because I failed at finding a good outsourcer who delivered good results. And after the updates the software creator has done using it is even easier now. I have spoke to a number of people who swear by this tool and

Guys, I need your help!

Ok guys, I want to start helping you out and I want to know where you need help. In the comments below I want to hear where you are getting stuck, be it Facebook marketing, SEO, PPC, product creation, anything related to making money online. I want you to comment below and tell me where


My Magic Submitter Review

If you are looking to rank your sites and your looking for an all in one SEO bit of kit, I highly recommend you check out Magic Submitter. You can read my Magic Submitter review and what I think of it below. With all the SEO software around these days it is hard to find

The next step for me is getting a Mentor!

Coming to the end of Dean Hollands QSC this week, tonights webinar is an extra bonus week, so looking forward to what is in store. I actually had the privilage to speak direct to Dean on Monday, just after I got back from a weekend in Italy (would have been an interesting night if Italy

Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge week 4

Last night was the 4th week for the Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge. This was ment to be the last weeks training, but Dean has thrown in one more week as a suprise for us. Last nights training was about email marketing. In previous weeks Dean has talked about starting a blog, building traffic with

SEO is just like Exercise, get your sweat bands on!

As I was going round reading blogs to post my commnets on I came across a blog which made SEO, which is complicated to explain to someone who does not know anything about SEO and its called Why SEO is just like Exercise You see SEO is a life long commitment is you want to