My 1st month Bring The Fresh Review

HBring The Fresh Review My 1st month Bring The Fresh Reviewi there, I have never posted so many blog posts in such a short time before, plus being that i am normally a quiet person too.

If you have been doing affiliate marketing for some time but not made any real money and you keep going after the next shiny object, then the first thing I will have to say is STOP!!!!!

Why am I tell you to stop? Because you are not giving one thing enough time to sink in and take full action.

I have heard of Bring The Fresh for some time but not gone anywhere near it because I thought it was just another shiny object. But one day while I was bored I wanted a new challenge, with a fresh start, so I went on the hunt, looked on the Warrior forum BlackhatWorld forum to get some reviews of some programs. It came down to about 2 or 3, Bring The Fresh being one of them. It was kind of like the x Factor which chose the winning program to go for, and the winner was BRING THE FRESH.

So I signed up to the basic program to take a look around, and the first thing I found out was that one of the creators of Bring the Fresh was in fact the guy behind the Rich Jerk. If you remember the Rich Jerk you will remember his sales style is not as it is today, it was kind of like reverse selling, which turn the Rich Jerk (who I now know is a guy called Kelly Felix) a very handsome profit.

Now, Bring The Fresh now only shows you how to create small keyword focused affiliate sites, Kelly has a video where he walks you through in real time how he makes these affiliate sites.

Mike Long, the other guy behind Bring The Fresh also has put together a number of videos in the basic account that shows you his “One Article To Rule Them All” method and how he ranks his sites too. Now both Kelly and Mike don’t show you tonnes of software they use, near put a lot of money behind their affiliate sites so it just to show you that if you follow what they out line in their Fast Start Guide you can make some good money.

All well and good but have I made any money through the program???

Glad you asked, well yes I have!

You see I was once one of those affiliate marketers that could tell you a lot about the internet and tell you all the different methods on how to make money, but my ClickBank account was at ZERO for a very long time.

clickbank stats1 My 1st month Bring The Fresh Review“My ClickBank Stats for my first Bring The Fresh site from the e1st May 2012 to 10th June 2012″

Now, not bad considering that account started at ZERO on the last day of April.

The tools I used for my backlinking as these site are ranked high in Google were Magic Submitter. I also used a few Fiverr gigs for Unique Article Wizard submissions as this article submission service is mentioned a lot in the Fast Start Guide and I couldn’t afford the monthly fee anyway.

Is Bring The Fresh worth it?

Well the basic membership costs $97 (one time fee) at the time of writing this. And I made over $600, so you can say IT IS WORTH IT!

Click this link to check out Bring The Fresh for yourself

(For those that buy through my link I if you send me your transaction receipt I will also help you replicate what I did by giving you my Skype ID)

PS – Once your inside you will see some amazing success stories in the forum too. Read them, absorb them, take action and you will succeed!

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